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We are The Siamese Cat Welfare Trust(SCWT) looking after the welfare of Siamese cats. We operate a rescue and rehoming service and we foster cats awaiting new homes. We sometimes have adult cats needing permanent, loving homes.All these activities are only available in the U.K.

*Information and help with rehoming/giving a home can be found on the Homes Wanted page

*If you have lost or found a Siamese or Oriental cat they can be listed on the Lost and Found page

*Do you have a story to tell about the cat you adopted from us?If so we would love to hear from you,with pictures as well to go on our new Siamese Tales page.Send by e mail to


**The Siamese Cat Welfare Trust is aware of the advert currently from a breeder in South Wales offering pregnant females and entire males for sale. Although we have offered to assist, it is currently a private matter between the breeder and anyone purchasing the cats. From a welfare point of view we would recommend anyone assisting or purchasing the cats ensure that they do not mix them with their current cats until they have had any relevant health checks.


We now have a dedicated page for fundraising ideas that you can help us with.

​The What if page can offer help should you no longer be able to care for your cats.

Please visit the Sponsor a Siamese page where you can meet our unhomeable cats.See the new cats added 9/23


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