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We are The Siamese Cat Welfare Trust(SCWT) looking after the welfare of Siamese cats. We operate a rescue and rehoming service and we foster cats awaiting new homes. We sometimes have adult cats needing permanent, loving homes.All these activities are only available in the U.K.

*Information and help with rehoming/giving a home can be found on the Homes Wanted page

*If you have lost or found a Siamese or Oriental cat they can be listed on the Lost and Found page


The Trust is aware of recent social media posts regarding the cats from the now deceased breeder in Wales. Due to these posts we wish to clarify the Trust's position and will make no further comment on the matter.
Any statements the Trust or its listed Trustees have made have been based upon information supplied directly by the two current owners involved, their vets, and a member of the breeder's family. Unfortunately the two owners appear to have a slightly different recollections of the cats collection and circumstances which led to some confusion.
The recent social media posts relating to one of our Trustees which was posted on one of the owners Facebook site open to her own followers, claimed the Trustee was ‘spreading rumours’ is wholly false and all comments on the matter have been made by the owner's own Facebook followers, and were not made with the permission or instigation of the Trust or its listed Trustees.These posts are wholly within the Facebook owner's management and they can block anyone they wish.
The Trust accepted and cared for one of the cats once we were alerted to the situation by its new owner.The other owner was contacted by the Trust after they made a Facebook post stating the need for financial help for vets fees.We approached them and offered to pay all vets invoices submitted directly from their vet which covered the testing and spaying costs for the female cats, and the Trust will pay the vet invoices for the recent treatment of the only surviving kittens and the spaying of their mum once we have received them.
The Trust has supported both owners promptly once the owners accepted assistance and will as always provide assistance to Siamese and Oriental Cats and their owners whomever they are within the UK.
This will be our final post on this matter and the Trust asks others to respectfully desist posting further opinions on social media in relation to this very distressing case. The cats are now in a safe place, being well cared for and that is the priority everyone should be concerned about. Our Trustees work hard for the welfare of the cats, and give their own time freely to do so.



We now have a dedicated page for fundraising ideas that you can help us with.

​The What if page can offer help should you no longer be able to care for your cats.

Please visit the Sponsor a Siamese page where you can meet our unhomeable cats.

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