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We are The Siamese Cat Welfare Trust(SCWT) looking after the welfare of Siamese cats. We operate a rescue and rehoming service and we foster cats awaiting new homes. We sometimes have adult cats needing permanent, loving homes.All these activities are only available in the U.K.

*Information and help with rehoming/giving a home can be found on the Homes Wanted page

*If you have lost or found a Siamese or Oriental cat they can be listed on the Lost and Found page


**Many of you will be aware of the recent Facebook post and subsequent threads regarding a breeder in Wales who wants to sell their entire breeding cattery due to their own ill health. The SCWT reached out to them offering help and support, but this was declined as financial remuneration was required and the Welfare would not enter into such a transaction plus, to our dismay, all the queens had been mated and were pregnant. One of these breeding queens came into SCWT care in the last week or so. This 9 year old queen, recently gave birth to kittens, although no kittens were with her at the time of her coming into our care. She was incredibly thin and malnourished with an appalling mouth full of infection and bad teeth, very difficult to handle and not socialised to humans at all. We gave her love and attention but sadly this lovely little cat died this week, probably due to overwhelming infection from her mouth and possible renal compromise.The distress caused to this lovely girl, and also to the Trustees that gave her care cannot be underestimated and to anyone who is, or was, contemplating giving support to this breeder please be mindful that the environment these cats were in and the conditions in which they were kept must be borne in mind prior to taking them into your home or cattery.
The SCWT are willing to offer support and advice to anyone who may have one of these cats, as based on this girl’s health ,we would have grave concerns about their welfare and their future. We would caution you to consider the health status of any of these cats as it seems probable that they will bring issues with them regarding health, dental care and vaccination status.
The SCWT wishes to support any Siamese cats who have need and wish to focus on the cats welfare before anything else.

**The Siamese Cat Welfare Trust is aware of the advert currently from a breeder in South Wales offering pregnant females and entire males for sale. Although we have offered to assist, it is currently a private matter between the breeder and anyone purchasing the cats. From a welfare point of view we would recommend anyone assisting or purchasing the cats ensure that they do not mix them with their current cats until they have had any relevant health checks.



We now have a dedicated page for fundraising ideas that you can help us with.

​The What if page can offer help should you no longer be able to care for your cats.

Please visit the Sponsor a Siamese page where you can meet our unhomeable cats.

NEW PAGE-SIAMESE TALES.More to be added soon.
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