The Siamese Cat Welfare Trust

Registered Charity 1072366

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To contact SCWT

Below are details of the Trusts Welfare officers and the areas they cover.
Please contact the person nearest to you.

Please don't call after 9pm unless it is urgent-in that case call 020 8464 8857 for help/advice. Unless it is urgent or to do with taking a cat into care, calls to mobile phones may not be returned ,as we receive no financial help with our telephone bills so please provide a landline number if possible

Mrs Niki Hill Tel:01473 830894 Not after 9pm please
Suffolk & Norfolk,Essex,East Anglia etc

Mrs Brigid Oakley Tel:020 8464 8857(late evening or leave a message anytime,usually returned in the evening)Urgent calls anytime within reason.Kent, London Surrey,Essex etc

Our Treasurer is Mrs  Cathy Howard ,74,Stour Close,Harwich,Essex CO12 4TL

E mail is for the Trust Welfare Officers only.
For areas not covered by our Welfare officers, SEE LIST BELOW.Please look there for your nearest rescue before contacting the SCWT to ask,

Other Siamese welfare groups

Most of these welfare groups cover a wider area than shown so choose the one nearest to you.Please don't use the SCWT e mail address above to contact these groups as they have no connection with the SCWT

Siamese Cat Association

Pauline Hart.Balinese Cat Society(also Siamese)
01633 601730 (Wales,Glos etc)  website


Val Walter Oriental Cat Welfare Trust(Oriental/Siamese)
01424 892618 or local rate: 08450 529655                                     
Mrs Catherine Moulton Sealpoint Siamese Cat Club
Tel: 01327 860788
Mrs D.Carrick The Siamese Cat Society of Scotland
Tel:01546 886392/website
Ms Helen Elliott Midshires Siamese Cat Association (Midlands area)
Tel:0116 289 2076 or 07742763434