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Siamese cats looking for homes

If you are interested in giving a home to an adult Siamese cat,(we don't have kittens) please contact the numbers given on this page against the cats looking for a home or find the person who covers your area HERE. Before making contact please read the f ollowing notes. 

E mail enquiries re.adoption are just to establish first contact and no cat in our care is homed purely on this basis,and  further investigation will be required.The listings on this page are divided into 2 categories:-

1) SCWT cats, for the cats we have in care where the contacts will always be our Welfare officers.
2) Owners,Clubs and organisations who want to use this page to assist with the rehoming of cats who are with them,either taking enquiries themselves or using us as the first contact when extra help is required .These have no connection with SCWT
There is no charge to list cats .Please contact Brigid or Niki by phone or e mail to list on this page.


Our Contact details

Our contact numbers and times are as follows- for other organisations/ areas see the Contact  page

Mrs Niki Hill Tel:01473 830894 Not after 9pm please
Suffolk & Norfolk,Essex,East Anglia etc

Mrs Brigid Oakley Tel:020 8464 8857(late evening or leave a message anytime,usually returned in the evening)Urgent calls anytime within reason.Kent, London Surrey,Essex etc

Please don't send text messages to our landlines as it gives no return details to reply to you

Unless it is urgent or to do with taking a cat into care, calls to mobile phones may not be returned as we receive no financial help with our telephone bills so please provide a landline number if possible.

We are grateful for any donations to help with the high costs of caring for the cats that we have to take into care.Thank you

The SCWT is not responsible and cannot vouch for either the condition or description of any cat unless it is in the personal care of our Welfare Officers.We can only pass on details as they are given to us and it is up to the prospective owner to ensure everything is as it should be.In most cases we have not met the cats or owners listed here,except for those in our care. The SCWT does not accept cats for sale at any time.A donation is requested if we rehome a cat in our care,to cover any costs incurred(there is no set amount,as it depends on individual cats but the average donation we receive is £100 ) and it is advisable to check with other advertisers regarding their policies.Direct homings from owners can expect to make a charitable donation. The SCWT reserves the right to turn down, without explanation, any application to rehome a cat in our care although an explanation is usually provided if we have to do so.


If you are interested in giving one of our adult cats a home please contact the Welfare Officer listed against the cat details. Please don't call after 9pm unless it is urgent-in that case call 020 8464 8857 for help/advice. Unless it is urgent or to do with taking a cat into care, calls to mobile phones may not be returned ,as we receive no financial help with our telephone bills so please provide a landline number if possible.All our cats will be neutered,vaccinated and microchipped as necessary prior to homing.
Please ensure you have read the top part of this page before contacting us about the cats and also carefully read the cat descriptions to make sure they are suitable for your circumstances


**Binx and Chi are looking for an indoor home or one with access to a cat proof area.They are 3 and 5 years old,male and female.They are used to family life and are  in Newhaven,East Sussex.Please call Brigid on 020 8464 8857  This is a homing direct from the current owner 19/09/21

**Margot is a 7 year old Blue Oriental spayed female.She has been bullied by the dog and other cat that she lives with so a home as the only pet is needed.She has some allergies so is on a special diet that keeps them under control and mild arthritis that doesn't affect her jumping abilities.She likes to go out occasionally.She is in Maidstone,Kent.Please call Brigid on 020 8464 8857  This is a homing direct from the current owner 19/09/21

** A 7 year old Chocolate Point male neuter needs a home with either a large cat proof garden or, preferably, in a rural area where he can go out freely.He doesn't like other cats and gets into fights.He is quite shy but his dominant behaviour is only towards cats,not people.He would like an adult only home as the only pet.He is in Fleet Hampshire.Please call Brigid on 020 8464 8857   This is a homing direct from the current owner  10/08/21

**We have a handsome large Chocolate Point neuter male who needs a special home. He is just 6 years old, strong and healthy. However he needs a special and dedicated home which he will rule over as a single cat, he will demand a lot of attention.He currently has a lady owner so a lady would need to figure in the household. He must go to a home which is indoor (any outside area must be a catio or cat safe garden, high fences are not sufficient). He rubs round legs so an elderly owner would not be suitable. If you would like a constant companion he would be ideal as once he loves his owner you are his life. If you are interested to know more ring Niki on 01473 830894 (leave message if no answer).  This is a homing direct from the current owner 10/08/21


**Cottontail is a just 3 year old Seal Tortie Siamese. Very active, very loving, loves people and the freedom to go outside on demand. She is looking for a new home that that will satisfy her needs. I’m a long established Siamese cat breeder. Cottontail was bred by me but failed as a breeding queen and has been neutered. She is a small cat and has been bullied by my other queens and has required separate accommodation where she cannot get all the attention she needs. As a result and my wish to ensure she has the outside life she desires, a safe location far from roads would be ideal. I suspect that she may find other cats a problem and as such she ideally should be a sole cat. She will repay her new owners with lots of purrs, chats and love as she is a vocal cat.She is in Haslemere,Surrey. Contact Terry Haines 01428 606005(leave message)or     01/08/21


We now have a dedicated page for fundraising ideas that you can help us with,including our cards and notelets and some other ideas.

page updated 19/09/21